3: The Last of Us 2 (Review & Analysis)

This week we discuss all things The Last of Us Part 2, including our favourite moments, qualms, and an in depth look at the game’s story, followed by a score from both Peter and Danny at the end. Would love… Continue reading →

PES to lose Champions League Official License

Big news coming out of Konami has seen their partnership with UEFA end after 10 years together. This will commence following the Champions League final in Kiev this year. But what does this mean? Pro Evolution Soccer has always had… Continue reading →

Final Fantasy 7 Remake – What do we know so far?

Well it’s been 21 years to the day that the wonderful, amazing, heart-stoppingly phenomenal Final Fantasy 7 was released on Playstation and what better way to mark its anniversary than an update on where exactly we’re at with the remake!… Continue reading →

EA backtrack on in-game purchases

It’s been well documented in the last few weeks that EA have gotten themselves into hot water with their fans. To the point where a well known EA community account on reddit was down-voted by more that 280,000 (currently -676k)… Continue reading →

What’s planned for Hitman in October?

Some of you will have seen already some teasers for some new Hitman content coming in October. Sadly it’s been confirmed on their official website post, that it’s nothing to do with season 2, however here’s hoping it’s still something… Continue reading →

Jurassic World Evolution Announced

Exciting news coming out of the gaming world sees the announcement of Jurassic World Evolution, a strategy park building game available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 summer 2018. So a bit of a wait, but here’s what we know… Continue reading →

Anticipated Games: The Rest of 2017

As we approach the end of the summer gaming drought, we enter the best time of the year; September – early December, when some of the most anticipated games of E3 are released. The below is my own personal list… Continue reading →

Bearded Robot’s Top 10 Gaming Moments of all-time! #1

Drum roll please! Here it is, the one you’ve all been waiting for. This is what we chose to be our number one gaming moment of all time. The top 10 consisted of individual moments for Peter and Danny, as… Continue reading →

Bearded Robot’s Top 10 Gaming Moments of all-time! #2

This moment is when the protagonist; James Sutherland, has just discovered that he is responsible for his wife’s death. The game has taken a very dark turn and everything begins to get a little messed up as we head towards… Continue reading →

Bearded Robot’s Top 10 Gaming Moments of all-time! #3

This is the amazing moment when the truth is revealed about Dormin; the strange voice in the shrine who has given you the task of killing the 16 colossi. He has, kind of, been tricking you, but at the same… Continue reading →

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