Created by Peter Cox & Danny Hughes in 2017, originally Bearded Robot was an entertainment website focusing on discussing Games, Films, TV Shows, and anything in-between. However, real life things, such as marriages and children, got in the way, not to mention maintaining full-time employment, and it became difficult for us to keep the site up to date with new and interesting articles, so we went into hiatus for a few years.

During this time, Peter and Danny thought up different ways to expand upon what was already established, and we are now back with the Bearded Robot Podcast; a new and exciting way for us to get our thoughts on all things geeky out into the world. We plan on providing our non-bias thoughts on things that we ourselves feel strongly about (whether we love it or we hate it).

From video games to the table top, movies to television, hopefully you can find something of interest here at the Beard Robot podcast.

Check in regularly at for updates or new podcast and articles, and follow us on YouTube, Twitter (@offical_robot), Facebook and Instagram (beardedrobotofficial).