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Sol: An Anthology of Science Fiction, Vol.1 – Ouroboros: Part 1 – By Danny Hughes

There is something about Science Fiction (films, stories, computer games and everything in between) that just seems to appeal to me throughout my life. Being hunted by an unknown entity on a derelict space craft, lost on a strange world… Continue reading →

What is so wrong with liking mainstream media?

Mainstream hipster issues do still exist and before the likes of Netflix it only really existed within music. That’s how it was when I was growing up anyway. With apps like Limewire, people were able to get hold of all… Continue reading →

Exclusive Zavvi deal through Bearded Robot!

We’re excited to announce an awesome exclusive deal with Zavvi in partnership with Bearded Robot. Check out these awesome officially licensed Game of Thrones t-shirts with an offer of 2 for £25 when you buy them through the below link! Know… Continue reading →

Are people who write “new-age spoilers” now the victim?

Okay firstly, what is a spoiler and where do the waters muddy? When is a spoiler a spoiler? Personally, I’d say it’s when somebody has had inside knowledge or has somehow watched something before it is aired at a reasonable… Continue reading →

Novels and the Chronicles of a Wannabe Author

What is the point of having your own website if you can not use it for shameless advertising? So I am going to use this opportunity to talk about my novels. Thankfully this article is more than that and tells… Continue reading →

Bearded Robot Launch Website!

Welcome to the site everybody! Here’s a little background to let you know who we are and what we’re doing. Bearded Robot was formed by myself Peter Cox and my good friend Danny Hughes. For years we’ve been mates, going… Continue reading →

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