Welcome to the site everybody! Here’s a little background to let you know who we are and what we’re doing.

Bearded Robot was formed by myself Peter Cox and my good friend Danny Hughes. For years we’ve been mates, going all the way back to school in year 7, where through mutual love of film and gaming we became friends and haven’t been able to shake each other since! Danny especially has always been an enthusiastic writer (check out his awesome work over on his profile page) and whilst I’ve not always shared that hobby, we both felt it was time we put our favourite things down on paper and shared it with those who want to read it.

We must make it clear that we’re not looking to be the next big gaming reviewers and reviews themselves will be raw and unpolished. This is a hobby and a chance for us to express ourselves whilst creating a historic backlog of awesomeness we can one day look back on.

Generally it’ll be reviews of games, TV shows and films, but we’re also planning articles and thoughts are news relating to these things, as well as some gaming live streams, so watch this space!

Please follow our social channels for all the latest, the support would be awesome.

Much love
Bearded Robot

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