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1: Final Fantasy 7 Remake (The Big Discussion)

Our Bearded Robot Podcast is now live and episode 1 focuses on Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Alternatively you can listen on YouTube at Enjoy guys, please do let us know what you think! ๐ŸŽ™๐Ÿค” Please follow and like us:

Bearded Robot Reborn!

Sorry for the long hiatus guys. After a year and a half of being Beardless, we are now back with a new direction for site/enthusiasm for all things geeky. Allow us to introduce you to the Bearded Robot Podcast. The… Continue reading →

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Review

Despite hitting possibly the most frustrating bug ever experienced in gaming and having to start from the very beginning, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is one of the best games available on consoles and PC for the right type of person. In… Continue reading →

E3 2018 conference times and rumours. All you need to know!

With E3 less than two weeks away, weโ€™ve got all you need to know right here about when to tune in, what we suspect will be covered and our thoughts on what excites us most about the up-coming gaming conference…. Continue reading →

PES to lose Champions League Official License

Big news coming out of Konami has seen their partnership with UEFA end after 10 years together. This will commence following the Champions League final in Kiev this year. But what does this mean? Pro Evolution Soccer has always had… Continue reading →

A Way Out: Let’s Play – Part 2

Our ‘A Way Out’ Let’s Play, part 2, is now live on our YouTube channel. Head over to check out the Danny and Peter laughs in all their glory. Some really funny moments yet again as we escape from the… Continue reading →

A Way Out: Let’s Play – Part 1

Watch Dan and Peter traverse through the prison looking for a way to escape, with some funny side effects and one liners. Loving this game so far, let us know what you think about our Let’s Play part 1 in… Continue reading →

13 Reasons why Breaking Bad’s finale is perfect!

After re-watching Breaking Bad for the second time ever, not only did I enjoy it all over again for the intense atmosphere, hilarious moments and such clever writing that you never know what is going to happen next; I also… Continue reading →

Derry Girls – Review

I think what struck me most going into Derry Girls was that familiarity I got from when I first watched The Inbetweeners, which happens to be one of my favourite comedy shows of all time. Now this isnโ€™t to say… Continue reading →

Great news for Nintendo Switch fans!

This week has seen some fantastic news hit for Nintendo Switch fans, in the form of a confirmed date for their online service. Launching in September this year, Switch fans will finally be able to get themselves online and up… Continue reading →

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