With E3 less than two weeks away, we’ve got all you need to know right here about when to tune in, what we suspect will be covered and our thoughts on what excites us most about the up-coming gaming conference. Stay turned on our social channels too for our Bearded Robot livestream directly after the Microsoft press conference on Sunday 10th June, where Danny and I will be discussing all the news from the conference and hopefully gushing over the announcements.

EA – Saturday 9 June, 7pm
Kicking it off in style, personally I’ll be hoping to hear more about the Champions League licence, with Konami and PES recently cutting ties with UEFA. It’s a cert that FIFA will now have this and that prospect is fantastic if you’re a big football and FIFA fan.

I’d also expect to see more from Anthem, the eagerly awaited robotic co-op looter-shooter/adventure. Plus more from the recently announced and controversial Battlefield V.

Microsoft – Sunday 10 June, 9pm
Rumours of a new Gears of War will have Danny and myself particularly excited, considering we’ve absolutely hammered these games (and on Insane difficulty might I add). As for anything else, it remains to be seen. Microsoft will need to pull out a load of exclusives to rival that of Sony’s conference and interestingly with how it seems to go year by year, with the 2 giant publishers,;it’s Microsoft’s turn to be crap.

Bethesda – Monday 11 June, 2:30am
Rage 2 is a cert after it’s big announcement recently so expect more on that. There’s also tonnes of rumours surrounding a potential new IP, which could be very exciting indeed. We’re certainly nowhere near a new Fallout or Elder Scrolls, but a syfy action RPG named Starfield has strong rumours of an announcement.

Also expect more continued support for Elder Scrolls Online, which continues to do brilliantly.

Square Enix – Monday 11 June, 6pm
Square Enix does excite me, especially since we’ve not seen them produce a press conference at E3 for many years. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is a game which I cannot wait for, being a huge fan of the series and especially the reboots. 

But let’s face it, the most exciting prospect is more news on Final Fantasy VII. The possibility of a Final Fantasy VII remake has literally been on the cards for over a decade but only in recent years have we had cemented evidence of its arrival. There’s been next to no news as of late which has prompted speculation about the game being in lots of trouble in terms of development. Could we actually get a release date? Watch this space!

Ubisoft – Monday 11 June, 9pm BST
I wouldn’t expect a new Assassin’s Creed just yet to be completely honest and I do hope that is the case. Origins was an okay step in the right direction but I still want to see them take their time with these games and not wheel them out once per year. 

It’s also worth noting that it’s already confirmed The Division 2 will play a part which is amazing. The Division was an excellent co-op game and I personally cannot wait to see more from this.


Sony – Tuesday 12 June, 2:00am
You’d have to be a psychopath to stay up for this one if you’re watching from the UK. But I’m sure if you do you’re going to be rewarded. Sony’s conference promises exclusives, exclusives and more exclusives, so bring it on. I’ve already said how much of a game changer the Final Fantasy VII remake would be for me and may finally push me into buying that PS4 I’ve always been tempted by.

Expect more on Death Stranding and Spider-Man but more importantly The Last of Us: Part II. The last of us is one of my favourite games of all time and like Final Fantasy, would probably send me over the edge with excitement if we finally get more news and a release date for it.

Nintendo – Tuesday 12 June 12, 5pm
Being a massive Nintendo Switch fan, this is probably the first time I’ll tune into watching a Nintendo press conference excitedly for a long time. What Nintendo have done and are doing with this console has me wide-eyed and ready for some more awesome exclusives.

Even though Smash Bros will be the main focus, I’m more interested in some new exclusives and also more news on Nintendo’s online service which now has a release date of September this year.

I’d also like to see some additional support for a tonne of retro games on the console. The idea of downloading the entire Zelda and Mario back catalogue excites me.

I also anticipate more app support which is currently extremely lacking, especially with regards to Youtube and Twitch which the console currently doesn’t support.

All in all, it’s promising to be an exciting press conference. Will we also get a glimpse of Red Dead Redemption from any of the Publishers? Probably not with how cagey Rockstar are, but we can but hope.

As always with E3 there’s bound to be some curve balls which blow our tiny minds and this is all part of the excitement surrounding the conference.


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