This is the amazing moment when the truth is revealed about Dormin; the strange voice in the shrine who has given you the task of killing the 16 colossi. He has, kind of, been tricking you, but at the same time he did warn Wander that there would be a price to pay, but Wander didn’t listen. He has already stolen the sacred sword and the body of Mono from his village, as well as saying that he did not care what happened to him so long as Dormin would bring Mono back to life.

As we go through the game we realise that these giant colossi are beautiful majestic beasts, and eventually we start to feel bad for killing them. Wander himself begins to turn strange. His skin becomes veining and dark, and his eyes go gaunt.

Once the 16th one has been defeated, Emon; the village chief chasing after Wander, and his men storm the shine to stop the ritual from taking place, but it is already too late. Dormin, now free from the colossi who were created to hold 16 parts of his spirit, uses Wander’s body to transform him into his very own colossus. We are then forced to attack Emon and his men, until we are eventually defeated and the ending occurs.

It one of the best endings to a game to this day and still leaves me with goosebumps to this day whenever I watch the scene on YouTube. It is in this moment that everything Wander

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