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Jurassic World Evolution Announced

Exciting news coming out of the gaming world sees the announcement of Jurassic World Evolution, a strategy park building game available on PC, Xbox One and PS4 summer 2018. So a bit of a wait, but here’s what we know… Continue reading →

Follow our Sonic Mania adventures!

What a game Sonic Mania is so far, a proper throwback to one of the games that started it all for us at Bearded Robot. Check out our progress so far in our Let’s Play series and don’t forget to… Continue reading →

Anticipated Games: The Rest of 2017

As we approach the end of the summer gaming drought, we enter the best time of the year; September – early December, when some of the most anticipated games of E3 are released. The below is my own personal list… Continue reading →

Games with Gold July Announced

Microsoft have announced their new Xbox Games with Gold for July 2017. These are four free games that are released over the month. One Xbox One and Xbox 360 game (also backwards compatible with Xbox One) will be released on… Continue reading →

We need to talk about Friday the 13th cheaters

Now can I just say that this hasn’t been a big deal for me personally, however something weird happened over the weekend which got me thinking. It was strange enough to make me do a little bit of digging and… Continue reading →

Microsoft’s strange omission of VR at E3

Firstly can I say that yes MS did say that the new Xbox One X would support VR… I get that. Having said that, did anybody else find it odd that Microsoft decided not to make any announcement of an… Continue reading →

Friday the 13th Xbox One patch is live now!

For anybody who’s been playing the game on Xbox One, you’ll understand the immense struggle when it comes to Quickplay and game crashing. The Xbox One patch however, is now live, which should fix some of the issues users have… Continue reading →

Friday the 13th – Review

Okay firstly can I just say “KI KI KI, MA MA MA” has to be the most horrifying soundbite, ever recorded. It’s just plain crap your pants scary! And to make it worse when you hear it in game it means… Continue reading →

Microsoft Xbox E3 Conference thoughts

As far as console launches go, this was one of Microsoft’s better ones, but there was a still an element of their old self knocking about, which we’ll get into later. For any gamer who hasn’t been gaming under a… Continue reading →

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