Mondays… what the hell are we going to do with ourselves now that Game of Thrones has finished? And now (not that any of you are watching it) Twin Peaks has finished, what are we going to watch? Especially since The Walking Dead Season 8 is still a few months away.
We could use this time to spend it with the family, quality time with the partner, or use it to finally catch up on doing that project that we have always wanted to do…
No I didn’t think so either. So here are a couple of shows you should check out during this period which are currently on the air at the moment. Most of these have a back catalogue of seasons to check out as well, so there is enough for you to binge over in the meantime.

  • Ray Donovan
    This show has just entered its 5th Season, and while it has been a slow burn, it has now started to pick itself up. If you have never watched it before, the first few seasons are amazing, and while the later seasons are not to the same standard, it is still one of the most entertaining shows on TV.
    It stars Liev Schreiber as the titular character. He is a ‘fixer’ for the rich and famous of Hollywood. You are a high paid actor who wakes up in bed with a dead prostitute? You call Ray Donovan. Although the series does move away from this aspect, that is the basic premise. It focuses on his life as he tries and keeps his family together, as his father is trying his hardest to mess it all up.

  • Tin Star
    This is one I am quite excited to watch. It is a 7 part season on Sky, in which they release all the episodes at once similar to something Netflix would do. At this time I cannot comment if it is good or not, but it certainly does look it, and I will be checking this out myself.
    It stars Tim Roth as the new chief of police in a small midwestern American town, but his stand against the recent crime wave causes someone to put a hit out on him and his family, and he must revive his alter-ego to extract revenge.
    Anyone who knows me personally will know that this is right up my street.

  • Narcos
    Season 3 of this show has suddenly appeared on Netflix with all of the episodes available. With an amazing intro song, and some real hard hitting history moments, Narcos is one of my favourite shows over recent years. The story of the rise and fall of Pablo Escobar was brilliantly done (if not a little fast pace in the first season), and now that his story is finished (it’s historical so it doesn’t count as a spoiler), the rise of the Cali Cartel is just as dark and chaotic, if not more so now that they have been let off the lead.
    I will be starting this as soon as possible. I knew a lot about the Pablo Escobar story, but not much of what came after, so it will be nice to see some new material for me to then read up online about afterwards.

  • South Park
    The new season of South Park starts soon. The last few seasons of this show have been incredibly. Sacking off focusing on the childish toilet humour (which is still, at times, present), the show has decided to create single arcs that stretch over the course of the entire season. While some episodes are self contained, these help build the story of the main storyline of the season, and due to the fact that they create an episode in 6 days, the themes or the storyline of the episode are usually really current and surprisingly relevant to what is happening in the world. While not an hour long episode of intense drama, South Park is still a fantastic show to watch, and I for one am really looking forward to this new season.

  • Rick and Morty
    Another animated half hour episode show, but this one is the best. Now in its third season, this is possibly one of my favourite animated programs. It is silly and stupid in place, whilst hitting you straight into the feels in others. It is clever and well thought out, even if you don’t realise it at first.
    It is only a couple of episodes into the third season, but you can easily catch up. All of the episodes are available on Netflix right now!
    The story follows a young boy and his scientist grandfather who go on adventures through space, time, parallel universes, and everything in-between. I just absolutely love this show. Be sure to make sure you watch after the credits of every episode.
  • Marvel’s The Defenders
    I haven’t personally watched this, but it is something that a lot of people have jumped on. You will need to have watched Daredevil seasons 1 & 2, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, AND Iron Fist (all 10 – 12 episodes and available on Netflix) before you watch this, it seems like if you wanted something big to binge, then you could do a lot worse.
    As I said, I haven’t watched this as I watched and enjoyed the first two seasons of Daredevil, but not for the Daredevil himself. Season one for me was all about the Kingpin, and season 2 was about the Punisher. Both of these characters had loads of depth, but were not the main focus of the show. When the Punisher season comes out on Netflix (hopefully in the next few months) then this will be one that I watch, I can only hope that you don’t need to have seen the others before watching it.
    The Defenders comprise of the characters mentioned above as they form a vigilante team to fight against a criminals and… ninjas.

If anyone else has any great suggestions, feel free to comment and let the other viewers know.

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