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The Greatest Showman – Review

My partner’s 11 year old daughter went to see The Greatest Showman a number of times at the cinema, over the last few weeks, and every time has come back saying how much she loved it, and how good it… Continue reading →

Mute – Review

*Minor Spoilers* Continuing on the reviews of the weekend film, both of which feature a silent protagonist (and following my review of Guillermo del Toro’s; The Shape of Water), we come to the Netflix exclusive Mute. Now Mute is directed… Continue reading →

Black Panther – Review

*Minor Spoilers* In the shadow of the looming Infinity War; a film which has been in the making ever since the end credits of the first Avengers film in 2012 (with some of the groundwork being laid as early as… Continue reading →

The Cloverfield Paradox – Review

*Spoilers for the previous 2 Cloverfield movies only* Earlier in the week (or at the end of last), the USA held the Super Bowl and during the ad breaks we were treated to a tremendous amount of interesting trailers. From… Continue reading →

Jigsaw – Review

This review contains SPOILERS! However, I am sure that you do not care as it is not the type of franchise that overly matters if you pay attention to what is going on or not. Maybe that is why I… Continue reading →

Ray Donovan: Season 5 – Review

Originally Ray Donovan premise was a Hollywood Fixer for the rich and the famous. If you find a dead prostitute in your bed… you call Ray Donovan. If you are caught on camera sucking off some dude… you call Ray… Continue reading →

Gotham: Season 3 – Review

*Spoilers* Gotham has always been a bit of a strange one in the TV show world. Fans of Batman, comics, games or films, do not overly like Gotham, if at all, at least the ones that I know. In fact… Continue reading →

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Review

*Minor Spoilers* You’ll have to forgive the late reviews that I do. I don’t like to give a game a review until I have either completed, played an enormous amount of it, or given up entirely on it. Only then… Continue reading →

Kong: Skull Island – Review

*Minor Spoilers* Let’s get this review off to a good starting run out of the gate; Kong – Skull Island sucked. There, I’ve said it. Now you do not need to read the rest of this review. You do not… Continue reading →

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