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1: Final Fantasy 7 Remake (The Big Discussion)

Our Bearded Robot Podcast is now live and episode 1 focuses on Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Alternatively you can listen on YouTube at https://youtu.be/geJGecEoTHQ Enjoy guys, please do let us know what you think! 🎙🤔 Please follow and like us:

Final Fantasy 7 Remake – What do we know so far?

Well it’s been 21 years to the day that the wonderful, amazing, heart-stoppingly phenomenal Final Fantasy 7 was released on Playstation and what better way to mark its anniversary than an update on where exactly we’re at with the remake!… Continue reading →

Top 5 – Final Fantasy Bromances!

Bromance is a wonderful thing. We’ve all got mates who we can share a strong and mutual love with. A bro is somebody you’d be there for, whether it’s to help them nail an achievement they’ve been after for ages,… Continue reading →

The Final Fantasy 7 20 Year Celebration – The Gold Saucer

The Earth is billions of years old, and YOU were lucky enough to exist during a time when one of the greatest games ever made graced our presence; Final Fantasy 7. This week, this legendary game celebrates its 20th birthday…. Continue reading →

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