One thing I do not get a chance to write much about on here are articles about Table Top games. I am a huge fan of them and would love Bearded Robot to do more articles about upcoming games, people’s favourite games, and everything else, but working full time and finding the time to do all the things that make you human (be a dad, clean, workout, eat healthy, have fun, play computer games, spend time with friends, spend time with the missus, plan a wedding), sometimes it is difficult to fit it all in. It is like movie articles. I haven’t got enough money to go and see every new film that comes out in order to write a review for it, so sometimes things just have to go a bit on the back burner.
At the moment Bearded Robot primarily focuses on TV Shows and Computer Games. That is all we have made our main focal point for our articles, with a few movies or table top ones in the middle as and when.
If anyone wants to jump on board to be a Movie reviewer/article writer, then get in touch!

But sometimes the barriers crossover nicely and a couple of our subject matters intertwine, and that is why we are here today.
So without further ado, allow me to present to you; Resident Evil 2: The Board Game.

I would like to make a point that there is NO Resident Evil: The Board Game, the makers of this one have decided to jump straight over to RE2, which is nice as sometimes I do feel that RE2 gets a little forgotten at times. People actually forget how good a game RE2 really was.
It was two discs, both equipped with and A and B side, which allowed you to play one run-through as one character, and then a harder mode, which apparently ran concurrently with the first run-through, and was a lot hard, but with the other character. It was brilliant, because you could then replay it again as the second character on the A side, and then the other with B, effectively giving you 4 unique play-throughs!

So as you can tell, the creators of this board game have their work cut out to recreate that magic.
We do not have a lot of details at the moment, but as you can see, it looks like a cooperative game where two players (maybe more if the Kickstarter stretch goals add in more characters – Ada, Hunk, etc) must traverse a location (possibly the R.P.D, or the sewers beneath Raccoon City), and fight various enemies throughout the game. The ones see above are; Zombies, Dogs, Lickers, Mr X, and William Birkin in one of his later stage evolutions.
Judging by the dice, it could follow a similar structure to Imperial Assault or Descent. The player has their own individual character cards, with their own starting items and possibly skills.

There is also an expansion, which will most likely be part of the Kickstarter bonus and/or sold separately, titled The B-Files, which, as I said earlier, could relate to the second play-through of the game, with more enemies, and higher difficulty, maybe even different objectives and all other types of extras.

The core game itself looks as if it comes with a lot of components, including really well detailed models, so you can imagine that this game will cost around the £40 – £50 area.

Unfortunately it is not out yet… in fact, it is not even made! It is soon to be live on Kickstarter where the public will be able to help fund this project and bring it to life. The company who are behind this game; Steamforged Games, previous did a similar Kickstarter campaign with their other popular game; Dark Souls: the Board Game. The Dark Souls one was funded in a matter of days, so I can imagine that RE2 will not to be dissimilar. Throughout the Dark Souls campaign, there were many stretched goals with unlockables for the backers when the game was finally released. The base game itself, if you bought it without backing it, meant that you actually got pretty much fuck all.
I had a similar situation with the Walking Dead: All Out War game. If I had backed it online, then I would have gotten hundreds of models, all the expansions (at the time) and loads of extras, but I never got around to it. I bought it a while later, and only got about 12 models in the base game. So I would be kicking myself if I didn’t back this RE2 one.

Possibly a prototype version, as the scenery is now completely different to this.

However, I have played the Dark Souls board game since it was released, and I was not 100% impressed with it. I did not overly enjoy it, so that is putting me off personally from backing this one. The models looked fantastic, and the idea was excellent, but the I am not sure if the game was the best that they could have done with the mechanics presented. I found it dull and repetitive (not, not in the proper computer game version of Dark Souls way!), and overall it was not a particularly enjoyable experience.
A lot of people have said this online, so I am sure that Steamforged Games have taken note.

I for one will be keeping my eye on this, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention. It will be available to check out on Kickstarter in the next month. Hopefully they will have a full playthrough demo and a bit more detail on the actual game, so keep your eyes peeled.

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