3: The Last of Us 2 (Review & Analysis)

This week we discuss all things The Last of Us Part 2, including our favourite moments, qualms, and an in depth look at the game’s story, followed by a score from both Peter and Danny at the end. Would love… Continue reading →

Special: PS5 Reveal (Review & Analysis)

Missed the PS5 reveal, or want to hear some deeper analysis into what went down? We’ve got you covered. We cover the reveal itself, thoughts on every single game announced, as well as which console we’re currently leaning towards of… Continue reading →

The Final Fantasy 7 20 Year Celebration – The Gold Saucer

The Earth is billions of years old, and YOU were lucky enough to exist during a time when one of the greatest games ever made graced our presence; Final Fantasy 7. This week, this legendary game celebrates its 20th birthday…. Continue reading →

Anticipated Games: The Rest of 2017

As we approach the end of the summer gaming drought, we enter the best time of the year; September – early December, when some of the most anticipated games of E3 are released. The below is my own personal list… Continue reading →

The Horror of Silent Hill 2

*Minor Spoilers* Whenever someone asks me “Name some of your favourite games”, Silent Hill 2 will ALWAYS be come to mind. It is one of my top games ever since I first watched a friend play it many years ago… Continue reading →

Horizon: Zero Dawn – Review

*No Spoilers* Being an Xbox owner it is not often that I get to play PlayStation exclusives. Often I find myself thinking “ah that looks quite good” and that would be the end of it, or I would not even… Continue reading →

Sony PlayStation E3 Conference thoughts

Unfortunately I had to get up to work this morning, so I was not able to stay up and watch Sony’s E3 conference. When/if I can ever do this as a full-time job, then I will happily stay awake all… Continue reading →

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