A Way Out: Let’s Play – Part 2

Our ‘A Way Out’ Let’s Play, part 2, is now live on our YouTube channel. Head over to check out the Danny and Peter laughs in all their glory. Some really funny moments yet again as we escape from the… Continue reading →

A Way Out: Let’s Play – Part 1

Watch Dan and Peter traverse through the prison looking for a way to escape, with some funny side effects and one liners. Loving this game so far, let us know what you think about our Let’s Play part 1 in… Continue reading →

A Way Out – Livestream

Starting tonight, the two Bearded Robots; Peter and Danny, will be livestreaming Hazelight Studios’ cooperative only third person prison escape game; A Way Out. Starting from around 23:00 GMT and will be going on until the wee hours. If you… Continue reading →

Episode 6 of our Resident Evil 7 – Let’s Play! (Finale)

It’s been an emotional roller coaster to be perfectly honest, some serious highs where we weren’t sure the game was for us at the start and then some highs where we had it on lockdown. There were jump scares, genuinely… Continue reading →

Episode 5 of our Resident Evil 7 – Let’s Play!

Episode 5 of out Resident Evil 7 let’s play is now live! Watch us take on Lucas’ Saw style puzzles and horrors as we continue our mission to save psycho girlfriend Mia from the terrors of the Baker family and… Continue reading →

Episode 4 of our Resident Evil 7 – Let’s Play!

Sorry for the late upload of this one after my little Bearded Robot break, but we’re back now and here’s our Episode 4 Let’s Play of Resident Evil 7, streamed just before Christmas. We definitely found this session to be… Continue reading →

Episode 2 of our Resident Evil 7 – Let’s Play!

Episode 2 of our horror Let’s Play series for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is now live! Another chilling sesh from where we left off in the save room last. Watch as we continue to search for the Dog Heads to… Continue reading →

Dying Light Live-streaming!

Myself and my fellow Bearded Robot; Peter, will be Live-streaming our adventures on Techland’s 2015 hit; Dying Light over the next month or so. I have completed Dying Light back then, but I only did it solo, so playing it… Continue reading →

Follow our Sonic Mania adventures!

What a game Sonic Mania is so far, a proper throwback to one of the games that started it all for us at Bearded Robot. Check out our progress so far in our Let’s Play series and don’t forget to… Continue reading →

WATCH: Peter take out 7/7 counselors as Jason!

Okay, playing as Jason isn’t anywhere near as fun as playing at the camp counselors in Friday the 13th… but when it works well it’s pretty awesome. As you’ll see from the video, it was poetry in motion that JohnnyTrickshot (co-streamer)… Continue reading →

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