As Goldeneye on the N64 has turned twenty today, rather than a long arse spill, like I did yesterday about Bioshock, I have decided to post up some of my favourite Goldeneye related photos and videos on the web.

So let’s just start off with the character models. These things are amazingly in-human, but at the time, I seem to remember them being spot on, wondering to myself if the games industry was ever going to do it better than this!

Let’s take a look at the gameplay and the first level. Memories should come flooding back.

And the real life version of the game that was recently posted on YouTube.

And let’s of course address the box art issues

I absolutely LOVE the “Did you know Gaming?” series on YouTube. Check this out and any other video they have done. I could watch these for hours.

Overall Goldeneye was a fantastic game and one that started off a new generation of First Person Shoots, completely changing the way that FPS games are played, how the enemy AI moves and acts, as well as how awesome splitscreen multiplayer in this genre really was. It is a legendary game that is best to leave in your memory, rather than cracking out now and having a go, as it is incredibly outdated.


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