When the first trailer for this year’s Star Wars film; Episode 8 – The Last Jedi, I was not overly impressed. Not in the same way that I was with that first The Force Awakens Trailer. That scene when all the Knights of Ren were standing in the rain and the music kicked in was truly fantastic… in reality that scene was not even in the film (well for a split second) and The Force Awakens was… okay. It was good to have the gang back together for another adventure, but it could have been so much more. I think it was because of this that I just LOVED Rogue One a year later.
Anyway, The Force Awakens’ trailer taught me never to judge a book by its cover, and so when the first trailer for The Last Jedi dropped, I thought it was just okay, but the film could be so much better.
Well now the new trailer for The Last Jedi has graced us with its presence, and I am well and truly gob-smacked by its sheer awesomeness! I personally thought it was the amazing and now I am currently buzzing for this, along with the Star Wars: Battlefront 2 beta, I am now in a serious Star Wars mindset. So, let’s look at the new trailer together shall we?

Here is the trailer, and I will go into a few key bits from it scene by scene (I won’t do every moment, as some will not be interesting or be too quick to really be worth mentioning), along with my own thoughts and theories if I can.
I did read that he director himself said maybe people shouldn’t watch this trailer if they don’t want anything given away. Now I have seen it, and I don’t really think it gives much away, but maybe once I rewatch it after seeing the film, I might see what he is referring too. With that in mind, if you are super funny about spoilers, like one of those people who don’t want to know anything, maybe just wait until the film is released in December.

So, the trailer begins very forbidding. We see Kylo Ren staring out towards a First Order facility of some kind, the new and improved AT-ATs walking towards some cliffs (which look like the same location where an epic battle takes place in the first trailer)(It is worth noting that in the background here we can see a regular AT-AT, showing us just how bigger the new ones actually are. They are towering over their dwarf brethren), all the while Supreme Commander Snoke is narrating about just how powerful Kylo Ren was when he found him and special he is. Now of course we are assuming he is talking about Kylo Ren, but he could just as easily be talking about anyone.
During this we get a nice shot of Ren leading what appear to be a group of Snow Troopers into a cavern. All of this echoes The Empire Strikes Back, in the same manner that The Force Awakens was a semi-retelling of A New Hope. Obviously I hope this is not the case, as that was one of the major downfalls of The Force Awakens for me.

The scene then cuts to darkness before Rey’s Lightsabre is switched on and we see her standing on the island where we last saw her and Luke at the end of the last film. The sound of the Lightsabre is loud and automatically fills the audience with nostalgic feelings of that beautiful sound.
We see Luke actually take the Lightsabre from Rey (with his badass metal hand), so it is clear that this film takes place instantly after The Force Awakens.
As we know Luke trains Rey up here, similarly to how he himself was trained by Yoda in the swampy jungles of Dagobah, so again, our minds are thinking of how this film might be similar to The Empire Strikes Back.

Rey is narrating about the power that has been hidden inside of her as we see her maybe on a pilgrimage to a misty and ancient place. Maybe this is where Luke has been hiding all of these years.
We see Rey growing in power and skill with a Lightsabre. A shot of the floor crumbling at her abilities and Luke looks at it in amazement. We soon learn that he has not seen “raw strength” like this since one another, at which point we see a shot of Luke’s robot hand reaching out of some rubble and then another of him kneeling once again beside R2 as he did in the flashback of The Force Awakens when the Knights of Ren lay waste to his new Jedi academy.
It is worth noting that when we see Luke’s face, as he is talking about Rey’s power, we get to really see just how good an actor Mark Hamill actually is! We know he is a brilliant voice actor for his roles as the Joker in the Batman animated series and all the Arkham games, but I feel that here we get to truly see Mark Hamill in his final form.

This is where the trailer turns darker once more. A great piece of Imperial style music can be heard as Kylo Ren stands dramatically with his helmet in hand, before smashing it into a wall stating “Let the past die”.
An epic space battle appears now as a Rebel… sorry, Resistance Transport blows up and we finally get to see the Kylo Ren’s Tie-Fighter (the Tie-Silencer) that was teased in toy, Lego, and the X-Wing miniature game form months ago.
It is clear that the apple did not fall far from the tree as Ren’s pilot skills are just as impressive as his father’s, his uncles, his grandfather, and everyone else in his family who we have seen flying, as he spins and shoots the hull of a large Resistance ship.
We are not sure if the next shot is on-board, but the trailer is certainly implying it is, as former Princess; General Leia appears. Kylo seems to sense that she is on-board and we can see his scar he got from Rey in the first film (of this new trilogy). I am unsure if he has some kind of metal grafted to his face or what, but he has over exaggerated his scar now.
Kylo states “to become what you were meant to be” as we see his ship’s targeting system lock onto to another ship before he hesitantly decides if he is going to fire upon it. We see another shot of his face and then back to Leia’s as the tension for this scene builds. Will he do the double and kill both his mother and father? Or will he suddenly change sides at that moment and join the good guys?

Personally given that Carrie Fisher has passed (RIP), I think that he will destroy the ship. I have read that she has not filmed any episode 9 films, and that episode 9 was suppose to be her film (given how Ep7 was Han Solo and Ep8 will all be about Luke). I did also hear that they might have changed stuff in this film to fit in with Carrie dying, or I am not sure if that was not going to be until Ep9, so this is something that I am really interested to find out more!

After this we get the classic “This Christmas” that now appears on every Star Wars film, followed by a shot of the Millennium Falcon flying through a cavern chased by Tie-Fighters. Chewie then appears on-board, who roars, followed by a strange fluffy cute alien creature who does the same. I believe that these creatures are inhabitants of the same island planet that Luke is on.

After this it is back to spare and Poe Dameron watches from inside a large starship as another is blown up beside it. He soon straps himself into the Black-One and gets into the fight, talking about how they are going to bring the First Order down.
It is at this moment that Captain Phasma makes her appearance. She appears to be on-board a ruined starship as there are fires and debris all around. She looks combat ready as we get a look at Finn, who is now rocking the cool Lightsabre resistant weapon that the melee First Order Trooper was rocking against him in the previous film.
Finn and Phasma engage in battle, and we get a wicked look at her sliver helmet as the two weapons clash together.

It is clear that a large battle of this film takes place in space, as we are once again thrown into it. We see BB-8 spark with electricity, similar to how R2 did whenever Luke’s X-Wing was hit with a shot.
Thankfully BB-8 seems to shake it off and get back into the fight.

Next Luke appears lying on the ground, telling someone that it is not going to go the way they that they think… whoever they are. I think that this is a flashback to the Knights of Ren attack on the Jedi Academy and it is when Kylo himself confronts his Jedi Master.
As Luke is saying this, we get a couple of quick shots appear. One is of a few random dog like white furred creatures run into a Resistance Base. The surroundings make it look as if it is the same place that the AT-ATs were walking towards and the ships were flying from in the previous trailer, so it looks as if the First Order discover a Resistance Base and attack it, similar to the beginning of The Empire Strikes Back.
Another shows Leia standing in the Base’s doorway as it closes, followed by Rey taking a quick dip, no doubt during her training. This shot combined with my earlier observations of her trekking to some ancient locations makes me think that part of Rey’s training is to acquire or learn something from some ancient Jedi temple/ruins hidden on the Island where Luke has been hiding out.
Finn appears to have been captured by the First Order and is marched off, followed by a shot of a large regiment of First Order Troopers and Officers standing in formation, similar to whenever the Emperor was received on board any ship he visited in the Original Trilogy.

The battle between the AT-ATs and the Resistance begins and it looks as if the strange Resistance ships are using thick red smoke to mask themselves. Tie-Fighters are shot out of the sky and come crashing down to the ground, before we get to see Supreme Commander Snoke in the flesh telling someone to for fill their destiny.
We then see a shot of Rey leaning backwards in agony as if she is under the hold of some dark side power. It is worth noting that Snoke is wearing yellow in the shot where we see his face, and in this scene with Rey, we can see someone in yellow in the background, so clearly Snoke and Rey have a face to face at some point.

It then cuts to black for a moment before we see Rey telling Kylo Ren that she needs someone to “show me my place in all of this”, and Ren with a worried look upon him. Kylo reaches out a hand and the title appears, alongside the . Obviously the trailer wants us to think that she is changing sides, but we are smarter than that, so it actually looks as if it is the other way around and maybe Kylo himself is jumping ship and will go against Snoke.

And with that, the trailer ends… leaving us with a pleasant taste in our mouths and a building excite for when the film is released on the 15th of December.

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