Dishonored: Death of the Outsider – Review

*No Spoilers* Dishonored is regrettably a rather forgettable franchise. I don’t mean that necessarily in a bad way, because, personally, I love the series since the first game came out back in 2012, but what I mean is that it… Continue reading →

Episode 3 of our Resident Evil 7 – Let’s Play!

Part 3 of our Resident Evil 7: Biohazard series continues. This time we head into the Old House stocked up with guns and fire ready to take on the Mum, the scariest person in the game (so far!). We’re looking… Continue reading →

Star Wars: Imperial Assault – Legends of the Alliance App

For anyone who has never heard or played of Imperial Assault, IA is a table top RPG set in the Star Wars universe by Fantasy Flight. Anyone who has Descent: Journeys In The Dark will be very familiar with the… Continue reading →

The Vampires of the Gaming Industry

Our world is driven by money. We all know this to be true. Most of us spend our life working day in and day out to get to the next pay cheque, just to be able to continue living. It… Continue reading →

Call of Duty: WW2 – Campaign Review

*No Spoilers* The campaigns of the Call of Duty series have always been a little hit and miss. People mainly played the game for the multiplayer and that became the core focus of games. The campaign always felt like a… Continue reading →

EA backtrack on in-game purchases

It’s been well documented in the last few weeks that EA have gotten themselves into hot water with their fans. To the point where a well known EA community account on reddit was down-voted by more that 280,000 (currently -676k)… Continue reading →

Call of Duty: WW2 – Multiplayer Review

It appears that I am once again a sucker for the enormous money making corporation known as Activision, as I have been sucked into another Call of Duty game and now a mere puppet on a string. I feel a… Continue reading →

Watch us boss a 5 Warchief Fortress in Shadow of War

For those who have played Middle-earth: Shadow of War, you’ll know that these fortresses can be super hard, but simply Dominating all 5 Warchiefs before you assault it makes it a completely different game. It’s definitely the way to do… Continue reading →

Greatest Horror Games to play this Halloween

All Hallows’ Eve; a time of ghosts and ghouls, when the living celebrate the dead and everything scary. Be it Trick or Treating, Pumpkin Carving, Costume Parties, or Lighting Bonfires, Halloween offers a chance for people, young and old, to… Continue reading →

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War – Review

*No Spoilers* You might have heard that the sequel to Monolith’s 2014 masterpiece; Shadow of Mordor, has gotten a lot of stick during its creation for the implementation of loot-crates and real-world money being used to buy better things for… Continue reading →

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