This week has seen some fantastic news hit for Nintendo Switch fans, in the form of a confirmed date for their online service.

Launching in September this year, Switch fans will finally be able to get themselves online and up against other players. It’s been a long time coming but Nintendo can be allowed some slack in the time it’s taken to get it right, given they’re still very early in their console life cycle.

As you’ll be aware, rivals like Microsoft and Sony have their own versions of online service respectively and it’s something that works really well when giving out consistent hardware updates, free games and of course access to a large online community.

I for one can’t wait to get my Switch online having purchased it in the Black Friday sales last year. It remains to be seen what other features will come with your online subscription but lots of rumours suggest free titles each month. Presumably there will also be much better sharing services and streaming services too, which the console currently lacks.

Of course in addition to this, the idea of getting online with Mario Kart and any other multiplayer games is going to be great! Here’s some food for thought too; with a new Pokemon game on the horizon just imagine a large auction/trading community online. Now that’s something to be excited for.

A subscription will set you back $3.99/£3.99 or $19.99/£19.99 respectively paying monthly or yearly, which also seems reasonable, but again that depends on the full range of features that will be available.

Viva la Switch!

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